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Aynyess is a God fearing, Business Owner, Mother and Stylist. Having much interest in the Beauty Industry at such a young age quickly had her achieve a Cosmetology license in the State of Pennsylvania at age 16. Within 1 month of completing and being licensed, Aynyess was accepted and enrolled into the  PA Cosmetology Instructors program in which she attended full-time while in High School along with working in the field as a stylist. Successfully graduating from the program 6 months later and obtaining a Teachers License, made Aynyess the youngest teacher within the State of PA at the age of 17.Shortly after graduating High School, Aynyess was offered a position as a Lead Evaluator for the PA State Board of Cosmetology. Due to these credentials she procured Teacher positions at the Cumberland and Dauphin County Vocational High Schools in their Cosmetology programs and Divine Crown Academy of Cosmetology while attending Shippensburg University as a Chemistry Major in pursuit of a Bachelors Degree. 


While in attendance, Aynyess commuted between college, exam proctoring and Harrisburg where she managed a successful salon for 2 years that was developed from her concept and vision along side with her mother who has 40 plus years in the industry. After saving money and learning the fundamentals of owning a business, Aynyess bought her Salon, Too Divine Spa & Hair Studio at the age of 19. Running and operating a successful full-service Salon and Day Spa allowed for expansion and the relocation of her salon. Obtaining Certifications such as Microblading and Microshading also contributed to the relocation and additional services able to be offered in her Salon. 

Aynyess utilized her Teachers license currently by offering Private and Group Based Certification Trainings. After relocating her salon, Aynyess had become motivated to secure an additional trade and obtain her Barber License under the apprenticeship of a barber with 25 plus years of experience. 


Shortly after completion, Aynyess found out she’d be expecting her first child with her Fiancé in the late Summer of 2018. This motivating factor in her personal life gave her the ambition to go the next step for her business and achieve a Barbers Teachers License. This achievement allowed her to open Harrisburg’s first multi-level Salon offering many services and giving clientele the first Lash Bar in the area. Aynyess, now the proud owner of 3 Salons throughout the Central Pennsylvania area, a Mother, Aynyess’s goal is to continue to grow and create an atmosphere of uplighting spirits and well-established stylists and technicians all while utilizing her credentials and many years of experience to help others achieve and grow their visions and dreams.