Any appointments cancelled within one week of appointment date will not be able to transfer deposit to a later date and deposits will be forfeited. Same day cancellations or NO SHOW will be charged for the price of the FULL SERVICE. Please understand that our artists are very busy. We have set aside time for your appointment and without proper notice we will not be able to find a replacement for your appointment time. 



Rescheduling appointments will only be possible if the artist is given at least one week notice prior to your scheduled appointment. Due to limited appointment availability, we may not be able to reschedule your appointment until a much later date. Promotional rates may change if you reschedule your appointment to a later date. If you are rescheduling your TOUCH UP the rates will change depending on what time frame you schedule your new appointment (use price lists as reference). If you are rescheduling within one week of your appointment date you will not be able to transfer deposit to a later date and deposits will be forfeited. A new deposit will need to be made when rescheduling a future appointment if it is within a week of your scheduled appointment. 



Appointments will be CANCELLED and no refunds will be given if the client is more than 15 minutes late to their appointment. Artist take multiple clients a day and need the full amount of time for each appointment. You may schedule a new appointment, but will need to place another deposit.



When booking your appointment, you will be asked to place a deposit for your service. This deposit will be applied to your total fee that is due the same day of your appointment. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.



  • No coffee or other stimulants 

  • No Alcohol or other blood thinners 

  • No Retin A skincare products 

  • If you have any questions concerning medical conditions please consult your doctor before scheduling your appointment 



  • You are under the age of 18 

  • You are pregnant or nursing 

  • You are taking blood thinning medications 

  • You have viral infections or diseases 

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a deposit?

Yes all procedures require a non refundable and non transferable deposit.

How should I arrive the day of my service?

Clients can come with and or without makeup on. If you have your designed brow look determined by which you draw your brows on, please come with them done to be used as reference during consultation.

What if my brows were previously serviced by a different artist?

Consultation required to determine price. Previous artist work will be considered a new service and NOT a touchup.

What should I do before my procedure?

-You have to be off Accutane or any prescribed acne medications for 1 year. NO Exceptions! -Do not take Aspirin, Fish Oil, Niacin, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen or blood thinners, unless medically necessary, 72 hours prior to your procedure. Tylenol is fine. -Do not drink coffee, alcohol or energizing drinks on the day before and of the procedure. This will minimize any oozing/bleeding or swelling after the procedure. -If you are used to getting your brows tinted, do at least 1 week prior to the permanent makeup procedure. -Do not have any chemical peels, microdermabrasions, mesotherapy, or any other intense treatments which will cause faster skin cell rejuvenating and cause skin irritation 3-4 weeks before procedure. -Wash your hair before the procedure

How do I take care of my new brows after procedure?

-Use a fresh pillow case, and do not sleep on your face or eyebrows! -Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally exfoliate away. Picking can cause scarring and will cause loss of color. Your flakes will gently fall off by themselves when they are ready to! -No facials, botox, chemical treatments or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks after treatment -Avoid hot, sweaty exercise for at least one week. You can lightly exercise, but nothing that will cause overexertion or extreme sweating whatsoever. There will be a bigger risk of infection during first 3-4 days. -Avoid direct sun exposure and tanning for 4 weeks after the procedure. Wear a hat when outdoors. And once fully healed, be sure to protect your eyebrow with SPF. Any prolonged sun exposure will cause premature fading. -Avoid taking long hot showers for the first 10 days. And when in the shower, avoid water completely on the eyebrow area. You will only be gently washing them in the AM and PM, outside of the shower, and without hot water. -Avoid swimming, or any kind until your eyebrows have completely healed! -Avoid applying any type of makeup to your brow area. Do not get any concealer, powder or anything on the area for at least 2 weeks. -Keep your hands off of the area. No picking or scratching the treated area. (If you have any itching during healing, you may apply a small amount of Bactine.)

What should I expect after the procedure ?

-Slight redness and/or discomfort may be present for the first two days. This will resolve itself. -Wash eyebrows with gentle cleanser twice per day, tap dry and apply a thin layer of Healing Cream. Make sure the water is safe, if not use distilled water. -DO NOT apply any other kind of creams, ointments, liquids, cleansers, oils – only the recommended ones. -The day after your procedure, the color will appear darker as it begins healing. If you strictly follow your aftercare, you should have very minimal flaking, beginning around the 3rd day. - DO NOT pick, scratch, or peel off any skin, as this will pull pigment out. As your eyebrows heal, you will see the strokes widen, and the color will soften. -Once flaking is complete, there will still be a nearly invisible layer of skin that will make your color appear faded. Within the first two weeks after flaking, you will notice some of the color coming back through as the skin continues to repair itself. -Depending on skin type and proper aftercare, it is not unusual to see a few strokes fade or disappear from the skin. -After healing period, you can come back at any time to get your touch-up. The touch-up up is to go over the strokes again or replace any that may have disappeared. This is why the treatment is a two-step process. We will perfect and ensure the longevity of your procedure with your touch-up. -Some people prefer to do it immediately after the first 45 days. Some do not feel the need to do it until months later. It depends on your healed results and personal preference. But 1 months should be the maximum amount of time before your touch up. You do not want them to fade excessively -Your touch-up will ensure the longevity of your color and hair-strokes. -Even after your brows are completely healed, it is still important to take care of them. Use proper SPF for sun exposure, avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasive treatments to the brow area, and continue using the recommended ointment for continued aftercare.



What all classes and training is offered?

- Cosmetology Apprenticeship - Barber Apprenticesihp - Microblading Training -Microshading Training - Eyelash Extension Training - Teeth Whitening Training

What are the prices

-Cosmetology Apprenticeship - contact via email for more information -Barber Apprenticeship - contact via email for more information - Mircroblading Training- $1500.00 -Microshading Machine Ombre Training - $2000.00 - Lash Training- $600 - Teeth Whitening Training- $500 *price reflects group training rate, private classes available also

What's included in the price ?

Theory and practice preparation before training 1 days Training in Class. 3 techniques – Manual strokes, Manual shading, Manual combined technique EXPERT KIT Manuals LIVE DEMONSTRATION with model LEARNING IN SMALL GROUP of 1-3 persons UNLIMITED SUPPORT after training

Do I need to be licensed ?

No, these class based training are taught in many different cities. Check with your state board regualations to see more in depth information. Some cities recognize certifications, as well as licensures. I provide a certification for all classes.


How long does it take to process my order once payment has been received?

If you select standard as your shipping option, it will take 3-5 business days for your order to be processed once payment has been received. If you select express as your shipping option, it will take 1-3 business days for your order to be processed once payment has been received. If we experience any delays with your order you will be notified via email ASAP. Please be sure to send us an email before placing an order for express shipping, hair MUST be currently in stock if you choose the express shipping option.

Can your extensions be colored?

Yes, our hair is 100% virgin hair and can achieve any color you desire. Be sure to keep color treated hair conditioned and moisturized. Please review our hair care tab for more details.